Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

As with most of the tumbleweed thoughts that roll around in my head, so were my thoughts when it came to knowledge and understanding. It has carried a lot of meaning for me over the last couple of days particularly because I've been reading the book of Genesis. Too much earthly knowledge causes us to trust in ourselves rather than trust in God. I have been so focused on trying to know everything and learn everything that I often miss the mark. To have a clear understanding of things we are required to simply slow down...

As developing humans we tend to try and equip ourselves with as much knowledge as possible. We often see and experience things that get locked away in our memory bank forever. But what is the point of a memory bank if we don’t draw anything out of it in order to invest into our future? Understanding extends beyond just the fact of knowing, it’s a feeling that moves and stirs us, and it allows us to be wise instead of just insightful.

  • Knowledge informs us that God has given us willpower, understanding allows for us to decide whether to use our willpower for our own man power or for His divine power.
  • Knowledge tells us to be good and do good, understanding allows us to reflect goodness because of the impact it will have within ourselves and others.
  • Knowledge instructs us to read endless scripture allowing us to quote verses and know every single story in the bible, understanding allows us to be captivated by a single line of scripture that becomes so embedded in our soul like a stain that is impossible to remove. It turns a piece of scripture into peace for the soul.
  • Knowledge causes clutter, understanding allows for clarity. Knowing countless facts doesn’t make you smart, if you focus your time and energy on one thing you will be able to peel off the layers of unending mystery.
  • Understanding feeds passion and love, where knowledge fuels pride. We love being “know-it-all’s” and correcting other people’s mistakes but when you have understanding, you use it to inspire and encourage others to share the same understanding or revelation that you have had.
  • Knowledge tells us to find God because we want to go to Heaven; understanding is living through God as if we were already in heaven. Knowledge is religion, understanding is a relationship. Knowledge makes you look good where understanding makes God look good.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to dumb down, continue to seek knowledge; it’s awesome to have a file of facts and to equip yourself with “how to’s” in order to fight the battle. But is the knowledge of surface ideas really good enough? I would like to encourage each and every one of you to take time when learning new things, once your soul is captivated with the thought move on to the next challenge. There are so many things to learn during our visit here on earth that we tend to sprint through our days, we don’t let the small things move us the way that it should.

I can honestly find splendour and peace in a flock of birds who circle the same spot in the sky day in and day out, my understanding is that they cling to comfort and to each other. When you start to unlock mysteries this world becomes a joyous place to live in and your relationship with people and with God become more meaningful and powerful.

Don’t focus too much on summer you might miss the beauty of spring...