Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

This topic has been on my heart for little over a month now, I’ve rewritten this post several times in my head but I finally have an opportunity to share something that I feel we should all re-evaluate in our life, allowing it to resonate within our heart, and ultimately changing our outlook on everything, the topic is Value and Self-Worth.

“Salt is good, but if salt has lost its saltiness, how will you restore it? Have salt within yourselves, and be at peace and live in harmony with one another.” Mark 9:50

This wonderful teaching by Jesus can be interpreted in numerous ways, but my take on it is fairly simple. Value is great, but if we lose self-value, how can we expect others to value us? You can’t find value in the lives of others if you don’t highly value your purpose and reason for existence first. Always regards yourself as worthy, as valued, only then will you live at peace with the people in your life.

The Bible states that you should love your neighbour as you love yourself. The commandment always made me feel a little conceited, surely I should love others more than I love myself, but when I had this revelation about “Value” it occurred to me, I need to first understand my significance on this earth before I can fully grasp the importance of others in my life. We should first learn to love ourselves before we can even attempt to love others.

People oh so often let others determine their value and worth, they let others label them and define them forgetting that their names were already written in the stars long before they were even born. If someone makes you feel like you aren’t valued, that spending time with you is an effort rather than a joyous event and that speaking to you is just for their benefit, then I want you to know you deserve better.

Just because you value others doesn’t mean they will always place the same value on you. But at that point you should decide am I going to be the Pick n Pay No Name Brand to the people who undervalue me or am I going to choose to be the luxury brand that people will hold on to because they regard me as too valuable to use or lose. Ladies always remember one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, don’t settle for being treated like trash, you are beautiful, you are strong, humble, caring and independent and you deserve to be treated like Fine China. Find your Identity and self-worth in the Father, He loves you so much so how can you not love his perfect creation, yes I’m talking about you! 

“Worth is not achieved, it is received through God!” – PS Judah Smith.

Don’t manipulate or deceive yourself into believing that the person you regard as valuable carries any true value in your life if they not willing to place the same value on you! If you feel like you have to keep fighting to prove your self-worth, then is it really worth it? My advice to you is to simply let it go, you deserve someone who would do anything to have you in their life, a friend that would jump to help you in any time of need, a boyfriend or girlfriend that wants to show you off to the world, you should value yourself enough not to settle for anything less.

I want you to take a look at the things in your life that your regard as valuable, the things you feel you simply can’t live without. Is it worth the value you have placed on it? Some people, actually most people, regard themselves as more important than the people around them, making choices regardless of the effect it may have on others. The commandment states “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”, not “Love yourself more than you love your neighbour”. Yes you are a gifted by God, but you not God’s gift to mankind, that spot can only be filled by one person and that’s Jesus.

I want you to learn from others, when people tell you about their day, their testimony or even their revelation, don’t try and “one up” them, instead take in what they have said and learn from it! I believe if we can find value in the existence of others, in the words that they speak and the achievements they have accomplished, then we are one step closer to identifying the true meaning of what worth actually is. Words carry tremendous value when spoken from the heart, so make sure that your outward actions is a true representation of your inward thinking. Don’t be the person who only speaks empty promises and lies, make sure that every word spoken will have a positive reaction in the lives of the people that cross your path.

Be the perfect stranger that will spare some time to help out a ‘weary traveller’. Encourage your friends and family instead of snarking at their achievements. Love without boundaries even if you have been rejected, hurt or deceived.

God gave us the most valuable thing to Him, His one and only Son, because He placed value on us. In spite of how little people valued the teachings of Jesus, the miracles He displayed and the love He spread, Jesus had a mission to achieve, a purpose to fulfil. Even though people couldn’t see, or understand the purpose Jesus had while on earth, His existence made us who we are today, totally free.

Sometimes people can’t see how important you are until you take a step back, some people don’t even notice that you’ve left, but you have a predetermined destiny and you shouldn’t let the opinions of others hold you back from achieving it. Once you start to value yourself and see your identity in Christ, God will always have a way of showing you how valuable you really are... He will surround you with people who truly love you, He will bless you with favour whether it be a promotion, an increase or even a leadership role at your university or school. He will be sure to encourage you through your colleagues, your lecturers, teachers or parents. And if that fails, walk into your closest church, I can almost guarantee you that you will feel more loved than ever before.

You are worthy, you are chosen, you are loved and never forget it!