Tuesday, 21 May 2013

We have a Sister-uation over here!

Yay... My very first post! Welcome to my Core-ageous Movement, like the exciting feeling you get when opening a brand new book for the very first time (not that I would know, because I'm not much of a reader) but... so is the feeling of being able to write and share this new chapter of my life with you!

For this post I decided to focus on something I feel very strongly about, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to share it here because I'm sure if I write one more 'wisdomy' status on Facebook someone is going to hire a paid assassin to put a permanent end to it...

Yes let's talk about the important role we have as being the older sibling! I have a younger sister, with a 7 year age gap one would never say as she is, unfortunately, the same height as me. So although she doesn't literally look up to me anymore, it's so evident in her ways that she has always and will always look up to me. And no I'm not just saying that because I'm super smart and ridiculously good looking, excuse my sarcasm, but that's just what younger siblings do. I have been taking note of this over the past month, we get treated like mirrors, if you do something not long after you can be sure to find your younger sibling doing the very same thing.

My sister is so different to me in so many ways, yet so similar! Although we ram heads often due to our clashing personalities, one of her good traits outweigh all of her bad traits and that's a sister worth keeping! (Not that I have a choice here) I'm honestly so proud of the girl she has grown up to be! Not only is her faith unshakable but her hunger to learn and know as much about God as possible honestly leaves me awestruck! Her morals and integrity can't help but make me smile. Her drive to succeed and not only to succeed but to die trying is food for thought for the rest of us. Although she's a diva, her humility is so deep and beautiful that she often forgets how great she is at so many things! But the thing that shines the brightest is the care she shows for others and the hurt she feels when others hurt! I can honestly say there is no one in this world that can love another person as much as she does, when she loves she loves with her whole heart.

I can't say that I'm the one who is playing a role in the woman she is growing up to be, but one thing I do know is the fact that if I was a girl who turned drugs, slept around and got drunk all the time (although I have done my fair share of innocent partying) my sister would definitely have had more temptation to try those things out! The moment we as older siblings realize that our God given purpose is to be the person we want our brother and/or sister to be is the moment we can change the way our siblings grow up.

I thought about this a lot the other day, and asked myself this simple question why seek fulfillment in things that only leave you with emptiness? If the choices I make can somehow influence the life of my sister for the better then I will gladly accept the challenge and make sure that I will be the best darn sister ever! My sister is currently walking the path of fulfillment with me and I can't explain how amazing it is to see how this decision has grown our bond as sisters! We still have a very long road of life to walk,and I truly hope that we never go a day without speaking because sisterhood is an unbreakable friendship, with a support structure like her, how could life possibly go wrong?